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        S2S Learning App                    (Available White labeled with features as per customer requirements)

After running Offline Centre of S2S and working in the field of education for a long time, we, the team of S2S came to know about many issues and problems faced by both parents and children. Security issues if the center is little far and backup classes if you get absent, all these situations sometimes create a tough scenario for everyone. The main problem arises when students are not able to clear their concepts by the normal teaching methods and they don’t have clarity in their concepts. After thinking about what to do to solve these issues, we realized that “Visualization” helps in better learning as when we watch a movie, we are able to remember it for a longer time with very small details, as the process of Visualization and using 3D shapes impacts our mind, after doing a lot of research and discussions regarding the solutions, we thought of launching our Online Method of Teaching “S2S Classes”. Despite having so much competition in the field of online education, we have our own special features which make us unique and the best in the market.

Some of our special features are:

  • Video Lectures with complete clarity of concepts

  • Concept Maps of each chapter

  • Essential Points for quick revision

  • Solved Examples

  • NCERT Solutions

  • Study Notes

  • Online Objective Questions for regular practice

  • Extra Questions for CBSE and Competitive Exams

  • Doubt Clearance through chat

  • Live Doubt Clearance facilities are also available

  • Test Series both in the form of subjective as well as objective

  • Parent’s login to check the progress report

Live Doubt Clearance provides complete clarity of concepts to children and our faculty helps to provide complete assistance to them whenever they require it. We understand that giving tests after learning each topic helps the children to keep an exact record of what they have done and parents can have a control on the progress and achievements of their child. The main focus we have is on CBSE and NCERT to help the children achieve success and we also prepare them for higher examinations like NTSE and other competitive exams. We also want to make you aware that we are also available in the market in the form of Pen drives, SD cards and our study materials are also available in our app “S2S Classes” at play store.








* We provide Customized Educational App for Schools with Pre Loaded Study Contents with all the above mentioned facilities.

White Labeled Educational Content:


  • We provide educational content as per the need of customers.

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